Janus control valves, a unique patented range of Janus control valves are designed to control the pressure, the flow, and the direction of the water hydraulic media and thus the direction, speed and torque / force from the motors and cylinders.

The valves are available with manual, hydraulic pilot as well as electrical activation.

The valves are manufactured as in line versions or integrated into custom designed blocks to reduce the number of expensive fittings required and enabling easier maintenance.

PO Check
PO Check
Either mounted directly onto the directional control valve or remotely with porting block. The valve offers 100% seal for load or pressure holding applications.
Priority Control
Priority Control Valves
Manufactured in all 316 stainless steel and polymer, the valves offer free flow in one direction with a fine accurate metered flow in the reverse.
Pressure Reducing
Pressure Reducing Valves

A patented range of valves that can control the pressure of corrosive fluids in hydraulic systems.

Electronic Flow Control
Electronic Flow Control
A patented design of control valves. Available in DN3 and DN6 0-30 l/min
4/3 Directional
4/3 Directional Valve
A patented design of control valves. Available in DN6 & DN9 direct acting for flow rates up to 50 l/min.
4/2 3/2 Directional
4/2 3/2 Directional Valves
A patented design of control valves. Available in DN6 & DN9 direct acting for flow rates up to 50 l/min.
2/2 On/Off
2/2 On/Off Valve
Direct acting at DN3. Available in normally open and normally closed, the valves offer 100% seal that therefore can be used in load holding applications.
Electronic Pressure Control
Electronic Pressure Control
A patented design of control valves.Between 0-100 l/min the direct acting valve can control system pressure electronically up to 160 Bar.
Relief Valves
Available in DN6, DN12 & DN16, flow rates up to 400 l/min.
Check Valve
A unique range of valves that are supplied in 316 stainless steel and high grade engineering polymer as standard.
An integrated controller configured to offer open loop, closed loop or human interface control of the electronic pressure and flow control valves.
Actuation Cards
Actuation Cards
Actuation cards must be used in conjunction with direct acting directional vales for minimum coil size and maximum force.
4/3 Manual
Janus 4/3 Manual Valve
A patented range of valves which control the directional flow of corrosive fluids in hydraulic systems.
2/2 Pilot
Janus 2/2 Pilot Valves
Available in both normally open and normally closed configuration.
DN16 Directional
Janus DN16 Directional Valves
Actuation by water, oil or compressed air pilot is possible on all configurations.
Hose Burst
Janus Hose Burst Valves
Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and special engineering polymer selected for their corrosion resistance and resilience to flow erosion. 
Pressure Compensated Flow Control
Janus Pressure Compensated Flow Control
The pressure compensated flow control valve is designed to control the flow rate of tap drinking water in a hydraulic system.
Janus Manifolds
Available in 1 to 4 stations including with or without additional relief valve porting and produced in 316 stainless steel.
Janus Zone Valves
A patented range of manifold mounted zone valves manufactured in 316 stainless steel for use within the high pressure water mist industry.