The Janus range of pumps are based on the axial piston principle which is both light and compact relative to their volumetric displacement, which may be altered in our
variable displacement models. Up to 9 pistons per pump ensure very small ressure ripples removing the need for accumulators.

The need for oil lubrication is eliminated as
all moving parts are water lubricated. The pumps are manufactured in 316 or duplex materials making them highly resistant to corrosion and ideal for reverse osmosis

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A unique patented range of control valves are designed to control the pressure, the flow, and the direction of the water Hydraulic media and thus the direction, speed and torque / force from the motors
and cylinders.

The valves are available with manual, hydraulic pilot as well as electrical activation. The valves are manufactured as in line versions or integrated into custom designed blocks to reduce the number of expensive fittings required and enabling easier maintenance.

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Janus cylinders are manufactured in an all stainless 316 design. The cylinders come in a standard of “end types” threaded rod , spherical rod end, piston end flange, piston spherical rod end etc…

The cylinders are of the tie rod as generally
accepted in the industrial market. Janus cylinders may also be customer specified. From ∅32 to 150mm bores as standard

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The Janus axial piston motors are totally oil free, clean and completely safe to use. As a result of employing advanced materials, high velocity and loaded sliding surfaces, the range of motors can operate effectively with water as their only coolant/lubricant

therefore, this removes the potential for cross contamination of the system fluid or lubricating oil. Each motor employs technology which minimises vibration and ensures a low noise yet high efficiency operation. The result is an exceptionally small, light-weight product.

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The power pack is a compact and flexible power supply unit. It is available in a standard modular form which may easily be customer specified or specially built to meet all kinds of individual requirements, including specialist accessories such as filters, coolers and fittings (following consultation with our design team.)

All pumps can be offered bare shaft motor pump assembly or tank mounted for power pack build.

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Air Motors

Armak has been continually developing over many years a contact free rotary piston design of geared piston motor, with a versatile range of control and output devices to suit all users requirements.

The motors simple and compact design gives a longer lifespan with low operating and maintenance costs. The Armak motor range covers an extensive range of applications, they can also directly replace the RM radial piston motor offering greater power output.

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