Armak air motors

Armak Ltd has been continually developing a Armak air motor, contact free rotary piston design of geared piston motor. The air motors simple and compact design gives a longer lifespan with low operating and maintenance costs. The Armak air motor range covers an extensive range of applications, they can also directly replace the RM radial piston motor offering greater power output.

The torque is developed by one power piston which is transferred to the output shaft by a second contact free rotating piston via a precision synchronized gear train. Both pistons rotate without physical contact resulting in near frictionless operation producing torque efficiencies in excess of 98%.The result being long maintenance free operation without downtime. The totally closed motor housing without breather holes permits applications in wet or dirty surroundings without corrosion inside the motor.

Armak building block design allows simple configurations to suit the individual application criteria. Control valves including Remote, Lever and Emergency stop are all bolt on options, Industry standard Brakes, Gears and Silencers are also available.

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