The water Hydraulics Company

The Water Hydraulics Company Limited today, is the result of a business launched in 2001 in Kingston upon Hull and are one of the most experienced companies in the World applying these products to a wide range of industries.

Specialising in the onsite design and manufacture of a full range of  innovative components and systems that operate on tap water without any other fluid additives. Operating in similar pressure ranges to conventional hydraulics, water systems can offer greater efficiencies reducing operation costs and minimising component size. High linear and rotary power is achieved from compact designs without risk of fire or contamination to the environment, the product or the person using the equipment. The products are designed to existing oil hydraulic interfaces ensuring minimal engineering for interchange ability.

The Water Hydraulics Company Limited has wide experience supplying global industries such as Nuclear, Naval, Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Treatment, Desalination, Fire Protection and Food. The company is accredited to ISO9001:2015. With it’s engineering experience, highly trained and skilled workforce, together with it’s recent investments in R&D and modernisation, is well placed to grow in all it’s core markets with quality products and service.

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