What is a STEP file?

STEP Files or “Standard for the Exchange of Product model data”

A STEP file is 3D drawing that many different CAD (Computer aided design) packages will open and save in, this allows files to be
shared between designers easily, even if the initial design is made in a totally different package

How to load a step file

Well, loading is simple, so here it goes, first load your chosen CAD program

Now click on the “File Menu” and select “Open”, a dialog box opens

Select the file type, which in this case is going to be STEP.

Go to where you have downloaded or stored you STEP file, click on the file and select open
That’s is, you’re done, Now go download something to cut and paste the part into you own design.
How to save a STEP file

If you want to send STEP files to other people from your own design, From the “File Menu”, click “Save As”

A dialog will come up asking to select somewhere to save and what type of file you want to save as

Choose STEP AP214 (the reason not to choose AP203 is AP214 is in colour), Now give the part a file name.

Now, click the box marked “Options”, a new dialog will open.

In this dialog, you will see “Solid/Surface geometry” as a radio selection box, make sure this is selected. This insures that only the
outside surface of you design is selected to be saved so none of the inside detail is retained. This helps if you want people to have
the outside look and measurements but not the internal specifics.

Click Ok and go back to the other dialog, now click “Save”, your new file should now be ready.

If you are going to send this to somebody I recommend you make a ZIP file of it, it will reduce the size so it will email and you can
also put any other files you need to send with in the same ZIP, it keep it all together.